SEMCO has captured a niche in the HVAC market. The U.S.-based company focuses exclusively on air distribution, noise abatement, temperature, and humidity control for commercial and industrial building markets. Today the 50-year-old company is among the world’s largest fabricators of energy efficient spiral pipe and fittings, acoustical enclosures, and sound attenuators, and is a leading innovator of desiccant-based products and systems able to recover energy, increase ventilation, and control humidity.

DXS often combines VRF systems with SEMCO 100 percent outside air equipment when there is a need for energy recovery, desiccant wheels and/or a focus on environmental goals/green enhancement.

Learn more about the SEMCO products by reviewing our product list below:

Product List

EP Series: Energy Recovery Unit

  • Model: EP Series
  • Description: Energy Recovery Unit
  • Size: 2,000 to 70,000 cfm
  • Specs:

Semco EP SeriesThese units can precondition air for a conventional air handler or they can perform as an independent, integrated system with a variety of heating and cooling options.

  • The EXCLU-SIEVE Total Energy Wheel
  • SEMCO panel system
  • Supply & Exhaust Air Fans
  • Hoods & Dampers
  • Electrical package with single point connection
  • Increased filter efficiency
  • Heating options
  • Cooling options
  • Variable speed wheel control package
  • Standard, catalogued energy wheel products and wheel systems
  • Independently certified wheel performance in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 84-91 and ARI Standard 1060 with regard to:- latent heat transfer efficiency- sensible heat transfer efficiency- pressure loss across wheel
  • Equal latent and sensible heat transfer
  • Highest performing wheel on the market
  • Independently certified cross-contamination of less than 0.04 percent
  • Field adjustable purge section
  • Wheel media independently certified to pass NFPA 90A requirements for flame spread and smoke generation based upon ASTM E84 fire test method
  • Reliable operation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Many successful installations
  • Extended 3 and 5-year service contract available for wheel
  • Highest engineering expertise in the industry

FV Series: Energy Recovery Unit

  • Model: FV Series
  • Description: Energy Recovery Unit
  • Size: 600 to 10,000 cfm
  • Specs:

Semco FV SeriesThe FV Fresh Air Ventilator has efficiency ratings up to 80 percent and provides a healthier, more comfortable indoor atmosphere in a cost efficient package.

  • Novel System Design
  • EXCLU-SIEVE Energy Recovery Wheel
  • Hoods& Dampers
  • Electrical Package with Single Point Connection
  • Economical Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62
  • Reduced Equipment First Cost
  • Improved Cooling Season Humidity Control
  • Helps Reduce Humidification
  • Requirements during the Heating Season
  • Improves the Comfort of Occupied Spaces
  • Improves the IAQ of Existing Facilities

Pinnacle Series: Energy Recovery Unit

  • Model: Pinnacle Series
  • Description: Energy Recovery Unit
  • Size: 2,000 to 40,000 cfm
  • Specs:

Semco Pinnacle SeriesThe Pinnacle system manages 100% of a building’s ventilation, humidity, and temperature, while simultaneously reducing energy loads.

The Pinnacle system offers a cost effective solution to the ventilation mandate and the humidity control dilemma facing designers as a result of ASHRAE Standard 62. The system’s flexibility allows engineers to consider whole new design schemes. This is a result of its ability to provide very dry outdoor air in a straight forward, simple, energy efficient manner delivered by a totally integrated packaged system.

A very significant reduction in energy consumption during the cooling season is recognized with the Pinnacle system when compared to conventional over-cool and reheat designs applied most often today. These reductions are typically in the range of 50 to 60%. With the Pinnacle system, wintertime heating and humidification is reduced to only 10 to 15% of what it would be without the system. As importantly, the unoccupied dehumidification, made possible with the technology, allows building owners to maintain humidity levels during unoccupied times at a fraction of the cost of alternate systems.

TE Wheels: Energy Recovery Wheels

  • Model: TE Wheels
  • Description: Energy Recovery Wheels
  • Size: 840 to 78,000 cfm
  • Specs:

Semco TW WheelsSEMCO EXCLU-SIEVE enthalpy exchanger recovers both sensible (temperature) and latent (moisture) energy, and does so far more effectively than other competitive offerings.

  • Superior Certified Performance allows Compact Design
  • 3A Molecular Sieve Dessicant Coating
  • Non-Oxidized coated media construction
  • Modular Media Sections with Aluminum Spoke Support System
  • Service Free Drive and Control System
  • Non-wearing Extruded Labyrinth Seals
  • Tubular Steel Casing Construction
  • Built-in Bearing Replacement System
  • Optional Extended Service Contract
  • Independently certified wheel performance
  • Equal latent and sensible heat transfer
  • Highest effectiveness for given size equipment
  • Virtually no cross-contamination (independently certified to be less than 0.04 percent)
  • Field adjustable purge section
  • Wheel independently certified to pass NFPA 90A requirements for flame spread and smoke generation based upon ASTM E84 fire test method
  • Reliable operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Long life expectancy
  • Can be applied where stationary heat exchangers cannot be