Project Portfolio

The George College Station

  • Project Location: College Station, TX
  • Owner/Client: Midway
  • Project Description:

In Fall 2016, The George hotel brought four stories, 162 luxury hotel rooms, and 5,000 square feet of ballroom space to College Station, TX. The architecture of the hotel was intricately designed to reflect the region’s “southern hospitality” aesthetic, with abstract and contemporary art rooted in the agricultural and mechanical community. DXS was tasked with developing a cost-effective HVAC solution that would not take away from the carefully planned look and feel of the hotel. The building was provided with a Daikin heat pump and heat recovery system, which included Daikin Applied rooftop units, an i-Touch controls system, and various airside products. DXS was able to help provide the ideal air conditioning system while keeping the project in budget.

Hospitality Key Considerations

The best hotel architects, developers and engineers have mastered the balancing act.  They balance eye-pleasing aesthetics with smart operating design.  They balance the comfort of property guests who expect maximum air conditioning flexibility in their individual rooms with the realities of managing operating costs for hundreds of rooms.  And in the case of corporate hotels, they balance the parent company’s design standards with franchisee requirements and local tastes.

DXS helps architects, developers and engineers create hotels that meet all of these needs.  We provide VRF systems that offer maximum end-user flexibility and reduce operating costs while allowing for architectural plans that favor aesthetics over obtrusive mechanical equipment.

Key Considerations

  • Opportunity to reduce overall building construction cost
  • Improved aesthetics because of smaller installation footprint and better space utilization
  • Ability to handle temperature control for hundreds of small spaces
  • Ability to provide a variety of sensors that allow the owner to customize their HVAC system based on their specific needs. Excellent humidity control
  • Central control interface
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust training program for maintenance personnel
  • DXS onsite at five key junctures:  onsite training prior to installation, quality control checks during installation, during start-up, 30 days after commissioning for building owner verification, and ongoing training for staff
  • Fast, dependable service and maintenance support after installation
  • Complete inventory of parts and equipment