Project Portfolio

Archer Group Hotel

  • Project Location: Austin, TX
  • Owner/Client: Archer Group
  • Project Description:

The Domain in Austin, TX is a local hot spot for high-end shopping, dining, business, and more. As the Northwest Austin area continues to expand, more residences began establishing property, including the Archer Hotel, which opened its doors to guests on August 30, 2016.

The eight-story hotel features 171 guest rooms, and more than 16,500 square feet of space available for rent for meetings and events for groups of 10 to 300 people. Also attached is the second location of local restaurant Second Bar + Kitchen.

The Archer Group needed a sleek and sophisticated air conditioning system to fit their new hotel. DXS was chosen as the basis of design by providing the best value for a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient system that was eligible for rebates from Austin Energy. When the hotel opened its doors, it was equipped with 190 fan coils and 18 Daikin VRV IV outdoor systems from DXS.

The Archer Group was provided with a complete system for this hotel, including Daikin VRV, HTS controls integration with INNCOM, and Addison 100% outside air equipment. The controls system allows for temperature flexibility throughout the building, to create the ideal environment for any activity – from providing the comfort of a luxury hotel room to maintaining steady air flow for large event gatherings.

Hospitality Key Considerations

The best hotel architects, developers and engineers have mastered the balancing act.  They balance eye-pleasing aesthetics with smart operating design.  They balance the comfort of property guests who expect maximum air conditioning flexibility in their individual rooms with the realities of managing operating costs for hundreds of rooms.  And in the case of corporate hotels, they balance the parent company’s design standards with franchisee requirements and local tastes.

DXS helps architects, developers and engineers create hotels that meet all of these needs.  We provide VRF systems that offer maximum end-user flexibility and reduce operating costs while allowing for architectural plans that favor aesthetics over obtrusive mechanical equipment.

Key Considerations

  • Opportunity to reduce overall building construction cost
  • Improved aesthetics because of smaller installation footprint and better space utilization
  • Ability to handle temperature control for hundreds of small spaces
  • Ability to provide a variety of sensors that allow the owner to customize their HVAC system based on their specific needs. Excellent humidity control
  • Central control interface
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust training program for maintenance personnel
  • DXS onsite at five key junctures:  onsite training prior to installation, quality control checks during installation, during start-up, 30 days after commissioning for building owner verification, and ongoing training for staff
  • Fast, dependable service and maintenance support after installation
  • Complete inventory of parts and equipment